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New User Resources

Welcome To The New RR Email & Collaboration System!

Powered by Google Apps For Business

Below we have put together some helpful tips and resources to make your transition to the new system as smooth as possible.

Why Google Apps?

What You Need To Know


Google Apps is a very powerful system to stay connected & organized, both in the office & on the go. Best of all,  it “just works”.

  1. It’s designed to be completely browser based within Google Chrome (already installed on your work computer)
    1. There’s no need for clunky third party software such as Outlook, Mail, etc…
  2. It completely integrates with your mobile device.
    1. Simply download the Google Apps you want on your smart phone.
  3. All of your Email, Contacts, Calendars, Files, & Chats all in one place – neatly organized.
  4. We have copied over all of your previous emails from the old system going back 1-year.
  5. If your contacts were stored in Office 365, then those have been copied over as well. (if they are stored else where, we can help you export them and bring them into your Google account.

Get Your Mobile Apps

Click the button below to see all of the different apps for your mobile device.

Download Your Apps

Get Assistance Or Report Possible Issues

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